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The 1st Austria Youth Dream Presentation Festival

A photo taken with participants

(From left to right: Director Son Chang-hyun, Principal Han Seong-ae, 1st place Jeon Ji-seong, 2nd place Jung Jae-min, 3rd place Min Ji-oh, former Director of the Korean Language School, Chun Young-sook)

The 1st Austria Youth Dream Presentation Festival

MDIF, Playing the Vienna Sonata with the Korean school students in Austria.

On September 9, 2023, the inaugural Austria Youth Dream Presentation Festival was held at the Vienna Korean Cultural Center (Director: Song Hyo-sook), organized by the My Dream International Foundation (Chairman: Son Chang-hyun), with students from the Vienna Korean School (Principal: Han Sung-ae) taking the lead. "Launching an event for the first time always brings uncertain outcomes, but as with dream presentation festivals held across five continents by the foundation, we anticipate rewards beyond expectations," said Chairman Son Chang-hyun, offering congratulations and encouragement to participating students and organizers.

Principal Han Sung-ae encouraged students to confidently pursue their dreams in her address, and Former Korean School Director Cheon Yeong-suk also offered words of encouragement.

Fourteen participants were expected at the event, and while many enthusiastic presentations were witnessed, there were moments where younger students, overcome with shyness, shed tears without presenting. In addition to encouraging the participants, Chairman Son Chang-hyun approached students with small gifts, making the event a true "human drama."

Among the contestants, the honor of first place went to 6th grader Jeon Ji-sung, who boldly presented his dream of becoming a basketball player. Second place went to 3rd grader Jung Jae-min, who aspires to fame through internet portal development, and third place was awarded to another 3rd grader, Min Ji-o, who expressed her ambition to invent a secretary robot.

Other participating students included Seo Ha-rang, Yap Colin Doh Jin, Jeon Si-eun, Lee Han-wool, Jung Da-min, Karia Evrensel, Lydia Evrensel, Ott Dabin, Kim Ah-jun, and Park Lea.

In his assessment, Chairman Son Chang-hyun remarked, "Although the participation of young students is more prevalent in Austria than in other countries, the competition was as promising as their dreams." He added, "We hope to establish a My Dream scholarship recipient group in Austria in the future, and we are also considering recruiting new directors for the foundation's branches, as well as establishing new branches."

My Dream International Foundation currently has 14 branches worldwide, including three in Europe: the UK, Germany, and France.

Furthermore, the establishment plans for MYNK branches have been set in motion, with representatives being appointed in Germany (Representative: Lee Gyu-ri) and Texas, USA (Representative: Lim Haena). Additionally, a general meeting of the inaugural World MINK Council will be held on September 23, with the participation of existing branch executives from the UK (Chairperson: Asma Khan), Korea (Chairperson: Lee Yoo-jin), and France (Chairperson: Jeon Hye-ji), as well as newly appointed representatives of each branch (via Zoom conference).

The teachers from Vienna Korean School who organized the competition

1st place winner: Jeon Ji-sung

2nd place winner: Jung Jae-min

3rd place winner: Min Ji-o


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