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Youth Dream Presentation Festival



World Branches


(유럽) 독일 지부


(유럽) 영국 지부


(유럽) 네덜란드 지부


일본 지부


중국 지부


사할린 지부


동남아 지부


뉴질랜드 지부


​미서부 지부


(북미) 캐나다 지부


(유럽) 프랑스 지부


​미남부 지부


쿠바 지부

카리브 지부


브라질 지부


아르헨티나 지부


멕시코 지부



Europe - England

In the United Kingdom, where the Queen reigns, people often perceive it as a traditional country with the largest royal family in the world. However, the UK is a country that respects diversity, where immigrants can rise to become mayors of London and even prominent candidates for Prime Minister. What dreams do our teenagers, living on British soil that acknowledges differences, dream and grow with?

The UK Youth Dream Presentation Festival celebrated its 7th edition in 2022, and through seven contests, adults were able to hear intimate stories from teenagers that are not often shared, allowing them to feel the passion towards their vision. This festival, where teenagers move forward with courage, having hope, believing in their abilities, and making choices and focusing, is establishing itself as a place for multicultural fruits to flourish in the UK.

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Branch President - Jung Kyung Sun (Mail)


Europe - France

The French Youth Dream Presentation Festival is steadily growing in popularity and love from the children of Korean schools in France and the children of overseas Koreans residing in France, marking its 6th edition this year.

Since the 1st Youth Dream Presentation Festival, it has been conducted in collaboration with the My Dream International Foundation and the Association of Korean Schools in France. From this year's 6th edition in 2022, a branch was established in France, and the festival was jointly hosted by the Association of Korean Schools in France, achieving the remarkable feat of producing two scholarship recipients.

The branch in France, in collaboration with the Association of Korean Schools in France and the main Korean Education Center in France, organizes the Youth Dream Presentation Festival annually in Paris, France. Currently, there are a total of 17 Korean schools in France.

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Branch President - Park Seon Young (Mail)


Europe - Germany

Germany, the most populous country in the European Union, is also home to the second-largest number of Korean immigrants after the United States, with approximately 47,000 residents. About 3,000 students attend 33 Korean schools. This clearly demonstrates the significant interest that Korean immigrants in Germany have in finding their cultural identity through Korean language education for second and third-generation children in a diversifying international society.

Fueled by such interest and passion, the My Dream International Foundation has been organizing annual events since the inaugural German Youth Dream Presentation Festival in 2014. Despite not being able to hold events for the past few years due to the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that, like a frog stretching its legs to greet the new spring, the Youth Dream Presentation Festival will play a significant role in helping Korean youth in Germany find their dreams, hopes, and identities.


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Branch President - Chae Dong-won (Mail)
Assistant Branch President - Lee Hae-young (Mail)


Europe - Netherland

The land of windmills and tulips! A country where the entire territory is connected by bicycle paths and canals! The homeland of Park Yeon, Hamel, and Hiddink, the Netherlands!

Children who nurture their dreams here move flexibly like bicycle wheels, branching out into the world to play important roles in various fields and cultivate bigger dreams.

In 2017, the Netherlands hosted the inaugural European Championship at the Lee Jun Memorial Hall. Following the long-standing Amsterdam Korean School and Rotterdam Korean School, the Eindhoven Korean School was established in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic. There are now a total of three Korean schools in the Netherlands.

We look forward to seeing not only the events organized by the Netherlands branch but also the history of Dutch branch students speaking and realizing their dreams in European and global competitions in the future.


NA - Canada

There are approximately 2.4 million Korean diaspora members residing across the globe, and Canada, which implements multicultural policies, is home to the fourth-largest Korean diaspora population, with about 240,000 individuals.

With over 120 Korean schools operating with diverse characteristics, around 6,000 students are instilled with a sense of Korean identity and global citizenship consciousness in this era of globalization.

The Canada branch will serve as a sturdy bridge, fostering the dreams of future generations within the community, enabling them to unfold their aspirations together.


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Branch President - Shin Okyeon (Mail)


Southern United States

The Midwestern Division covers a vast area in the United States, which is seven times the size of South Korea's territory. Just the distance from Houston to Dallas alone spans 445 kilometers, even farther than the distance between Seoul and Busan. It's such a vast state. In neighboring Louisiana, we also have two dedicated board members, and in Austin and San Antonio, there are board members as well. With both a chairman and a vice chairman, the responsibility is heavy, but we will strive our best to be a branch that works tirelessly for the endless development of our MDIF.


Branch President - Song Misun (Mail)
Assistant Branch President - Park Eunjoo (Mail)


Western United States

Greetings to all those who strive for My Dream International Foundation in the North American Division located very close to San Francisco, the hub of the world's tech industry!

Many Korean dreamers living in Silicon Valley, the holy land of IT companies and dreamland for software startups, are growing resiliently and uprightly. We promise to support them wholeheartedly by helping them articulate their dreams and by joining forces with My Dream International Foundation to assist them in moving forward toward their dreams.

Branch President - Yoon Jaein (Mail)


멕시코 지부

멕시코지부는 고대 마야 문명과 아즈텍 문명의 발상지이자 태양과 정열의 나라인 멕시코에 위치하고 있습니다.

2023년 10월에 결성되었으며 재외동포 차세대 교육단체인 멕시코한글학교협의회(12개 한글학교)와 중미카리브 한글학교협의회 (총11개국가 23개 한글학교)와 협업하면서 청소년꿈발표축 제를 매년 주최하고 있습니다.

2023년 멕시코 몬테레이에서 제1회를 주최하였고 2024년에는 멕시코시티 에서 개최할 예정입니다.
멕시코지부는 청소년꿈발표축제를 통해 재외 차세대들의 이상실현과 탁월한 글로벌 인재로의 성장을 후원하고 지원하는 재단의 사명에 적극으로 동참하고 있습니다. 또한 멕시코지부는 멕시코뿐만 아니라 중미카리브지역의 주변 국가에 재단 홍보에 앞장서면서 재단의 무궁한 발전을 기원하면서 함께 성장하는 지부입니다.

지부장 – 진정아 Mail

부지부장 – 이은혜 Mail

Central America



The Korean Language School in Cuba began in September 2022. With the decision of the Overseas Korean Foundation, registration was made possible through the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Mexico.

Despite many difficulties, including securing textbooks, we are slowly but surely shaping the school's identity.

Currently named Escuela de Idioma Coerano en Cuba, the Korean Language School in Cuba is located at Calle 18#104 e/1ra y 3ra, Playa, La Habana, and shares space with the Cuban Korean Descendants Association.

The school is led by Principal Jeong Ho-hyun and teachers Ria, Marisbeya, and Frandavi.

There are Korean language classes from level 1 to level 4, with 8 classes and approximately 100 students enrolled.

Branch President – Jeong Ho-hyun (Mail)



The Central America and Caribbean Branch is currently composed of three branches: Mexico, the birthplace of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations and a land of sun and passion; Guatemala, the heartland of the splendid Maya civilization; and Cuba, boasting the picturesque landscapes along the beautiful Caribbean coast.

Formed in July this year to join the mission of the foundation, which supports the next generation of overseas youth to realize their dreams through the Youth Dream Presentation Festival and grow into outstanding global talents.

In the first half of next year, in collaboration with the Central America and Caribbean Korean Schools Association (consisting of 23 Korean schools in 12 countries) and affiliated branches, we plan to host the inaugural Youth Dream Presentation Festival.

We hope for the establishment of more branches in various continental regions and look forward to the vibrant growth and development of the branches.

Check out the news of past Guatemala Youth Dream Presentation Festivals.


Branch President - Jin Jeong-a (Mail)

South America



After establishing the foundation in the United States, Chairman Son Chang-hyun first thought of Brazil, where the largest Korean community in South America resides, and visited Brazil in 2014.

After signing an MOU with the Sao Paulo Korean Education Center and hosting the inaugural Youth Dream Presentation Festival, Chairman Son has been instrumental in inspiring and helping many Korean-Brazilian youth to dream and achieve.

The Brazil Branch started when Chairman Son appointed me as the branch head during the 4th festival in 2017 when he was the president of the Korean Schools Association.

The Dream Presentation Festival has been organized by the education center with the cooperation of the Korean Schools Association since its first edition. From next year onwards, the Brazil Branch will co-host the event with the Korean Schools Association. Over the years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of students who have been invited to the foundation's events, received foundation scholarships to enter universities in Korea, and become foundation scholarship recipients, with seven students receiving foundation scholarships this year.


Check out the news of past Brazil Youth Dream Presentation Festivals.


Branch President - Kim Sung-min (Mail)



The Argentina branch successfully hosted the inaugural event in 2018 and the second event in 2019 with the support and enthusiasm of overseas Korean children and undergraduate supporters. After a temporary hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the branch has been reorganized, and in 2022, in collaboration with the Korea International Foundation and the Association of Korean Schools in Argentina, it will host the "3rd Youth Dream Presentation Festival."

Since 2018, Argentina has consistently produced global scholarship recipients. The Association of Korean Schools in Argentina was established in 2005 with the aim of promoting Korean identity education, improving the Korean language teaching abilities of Korean school teachers, and enhancing mutual solidarity. It collaborates with the Argentine Education Center, and there are currently 13 Korean schools actively engaged in various activities.

Check out the news of past Argentina Youth Dream Presentation Festivals.


Branch President - Park Young-hee (Mail)




In Japan, there are over one million ethnic Koreans living. Two distinct organizations, the Mindan (South Korean nationals) and the Chongryon (stateless individuals), have been established, and they continue to coexist with different ideologies and cultures. Korean ethnic schools and Chongryon-affiliated schools are operated differently.

Ironically, Japan is the closest country to Korea, yet second and third-generation ethnic Koreans often struggle with fluency in their mother tongue. Recently, with the support of the government and local efforts, fourth and fifth-generation Koreans have become reasonably fluent in their mother tongue.

Locally, the My Dream International Foundation has played a significant role. The "Youth Dream Presentation Festival," now in its eighth year in 2022, has encouraged young ethnic Koreans in Japan to take an interest in their dreams and mother tongue. It has provided an opportunity for them to proudly embrace their homeland and develop the capabilities to live confidently as Koreans on the global stage.

The Japan branch currently has two branch heads serving as volunteers, and we are committed to valuing the dreams of young ethnic Koreans in Japan. We will continue to work with the headquarters foundation to support their efforts to achieve their dreams with pride as Koreans on the global stage.


Check out the news of past Japan Youth Dream Presentation Festivals.


Branch President - Lee Hoon-woo (Mail)
Assistant Branch President - Jung Jae-geum (Mail)



The Yonyong Sung Korean-Chinese Literature Society (President Kwon Chun-cheol) is the successor to the Shimyang Korean-Chinese Literature Society, established on November 21, 1987.


On October 27, 2018, it was promoted from the Shimyang Korean-Chinese Literature Society to the Yonyong Sung Korean-Chinese Literature Society, organizing Korean-Chinese writers in the Yonyong region to inherit and develop ethnic literature and activate mother tongue creative activities.

The Yonyong Sung Korean-Chinese Literature Society has also been actively involved in organizing the China region competitions of the My Dream International Foundation.

In particular, on April 20, 2013, they held a business partnership ceremony with the My Dream International Foundation and have been hosting the China Regional My Dream Speech Contest (Youth Dream Presentation Festival) annually since then, concluding the 7th edition in 2019.

However, the 8th edition in 2020 could not proceed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has been delayed until now.

To date, over 100 students from various regions of China have participated in the competition, nurturing their dreams for the future. Many students have received or are receiving university scholarships.


Check out the news of past China Youth Dream Presentation Festivals.


Branch President - Kwon Chun-cheol (Mail)


South Korea

The Korea Branch is the common denominator for members of the My Dream International Foundation (MDIF) scattered around the world.


Therefore, unlike other branches, it does not host dream festivals annually, but serves as a gathering place for MDIF members to converge their strength and spirit. It's like a bus stop where people stay for a while and then leave again, but it feels like the end of the line in the heart. Perhaps that's why? Like children seeking their mother's embrace, the MDIF scholarship students (MYNK) who come to Korea for university education have increased every year, reaching 20 as of 2022. Together with them, the Korea Branch has richer and more diverse encounters.

Every year, when Chairman Son Chang-hyun visits Korea, there is a scholarship award ceremony and a reunion, much like a class reunion, where MYNK members, as well as directors from around the world, gather in love.

On October 18, 2019, the 1st World Youth Dream Presentation Festival was held in Seoul, and the 2nd World Congress is scheduled for November 2022.

On August 8, 2022, MYNK participated in a multicultural background student career program sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, providing strength and courage to students through introduction and sharing of multicultural competence.

In the future, with plans to volunteer for multicultural background students in Korea, leveraging their bilingual and bicultural experiences, MYNK aims to unfold its multicultural competence and is also considering projects for multicultural background students.

Branch President - Kim Tae-jin (Mail)




Southeast Asia



New Zealand

Every year in New Zealand, during the April autumn vacation, the "My Dream Speech Contest" is held. In 2007, when the New Zealand Association was formed, the first projects included the "My Dream Speech Contest" and "Korean Language Teacher Training," and until 2022, for 15 years, the enthusiastic dreams of Korean school students across New Zealand have been heard.

From the first theme of 'My Dream' to the theme of 'Our Dreams Take Flight' in 2022, New Zealand teachers continue to envision a greater vision to nurture the dreams of the next generation growing up as Koreans, New Zealanders, and global citizens.

Since 2013, with sponsorship from the My Dream International Foundation, the contest has been held annually, except for the year 2020 due to the pandemic, with sponsorship funds donated to the New Zealand Korean Schools Association for nine consecutive years. Thanks to the well-taught New Zealand teachers, many scholarship recipients are produced every year, and it is heartwarming to see the happy students receiving scholarships.

One unforgettable news story that is always delightful to hear is the remarkable achievement of a 12-year-old New Zealand student, Kim Pyeong-an, who won first place at the inaugural World Championship, surprising the world.

The spirit of the Korean Children's Pledge, Article 11, "Children are our tomorrow and hope. They must grow up to be Koreans who carry the future of the country and contribute to world peace as global citizens," continues to resonate with the New Zealand branch, and we hope to continue fulfilling this pledge.


Check out the news of past New Zealand Youth Dream Presentation Festivals.


Branch President - Go Jeong-mi (Mail)

Award Winner

​Past Youth Dream Presentation Festivals

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