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International Exchange Agreements

Organizers and host institutions of foundation events in each country and continent,

as well as operational agreements and collaborative organizations

(5 oceans, 6 continents)



* China (Yongxing Korean Literature Association / Yongxing Publishing House)
* Japan (Tokyo Korean School / Association of Korean Language Schools in Japan)
* Sakhalin (Sakhalin Korean Educational Institute / Sakhalin National University)
* Pan-Asia Conference (Asian Korean Language Schools Association)
Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia
Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia



* France (Association of Korean Language Schools in France)
* United Kingdom (Association of Korean Language Schools in the UK)
* Germany (Association of Principals of Korean Language Schools in Germany)
* Netherlands
* Pan-European Conference (European Association of Korean Language Schools)
Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Germany
Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Hungary
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Finland
Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria


North America


* Brazil (Sao Paulo Korean Education Institute)
* Argentina (Association of Korean Language Schools in Argentina)
* Canada (Korean-Canadian School Association)
* Mexico (Association of Korean Language Schools in Mexico)
* Guatemala (Guatemalan Korean Association / Guatemalan Korean Language School)
* Cuba (Association of Korean Language Schools in Cuba)
* Central America and the Caribbean

(Association of Korean Language Schools in Central America and the Caribbean)
Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador




New Zealand (Korean Community School Association of New Zealand)

Collaborative and Partnership Organizations


* Korean Society
* Kyung Hee University International Education Institute
* Chongji Cultural Foundation
* Korean-American Scholarship Foundation Southern Region
* Hanyang University Model United Nations Conferenc

* Kyung Hee Cyber University
* Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association Southern Region
* Houston Council for Peace and Unification

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