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Five organizations have joined forces for the education of overseas Korean youth

Five organizations including K-Diaspora World Alliance and My Dream International Foundation have established the 'World Korean Youth Council'
The first event, the '2024 World Korean Youth Forum', will be held on April 16th, with live streaming on YouTube

For the education of 2 million overseas Korean youth worldwide, domestic and international youth organizations have come together. K-Diaspora World Alliance (Chairman Godowon Ko), My Dream International Foundation (Chairman Changhyun Son), Haebom Education & Culture International Foundation (CEO Heeyoung Park), Hwarang International (Chairman Yoonsuk Park), and Corporation Peace (Chairman Sungkon Kim) are the main participants.

They have formed the 'Global Alliance of Korean Youth Organization' and will hold the first event, the '2024 World Korean Youth Forum,' on April 16th.

The forum will discuss 'Education and International Exchange for Korean Youth around the World' with a focus on nurturing the Korean identity of 2 million overseas Korean youth residing worldwide and discussing international exchanges to foster them as global leaders.

In Part 1, Chairman Sungkon Kim of Corporation Peace will give the opening speech, followed by a welcome address from Chairman Godowon Ko of K-Diaspora World Alliance, and a keynote speech by Director Kim Jungsub of Kyunghee University's Institute of International Education.

Part 2 will feature panel presentations and discussions. Chairman Changhyun Son of My Dream International Foundation will moderate, with participation from Permanent Director Kim Taejin of Haebom Education & Culture International Foundation, Chairman Yoonsuk Park of Hwarang International, and Deputy Director Kim Jingeol of the Korea Youth Activity Promotion Center.

The forum will take place for 2 hours and 30 minutes starting from 9 a.m. (8 p.m. Eastern Time, April 15th) at the International Conference Room, 2nd floor of Seoul Cyber University in Gangbuk-gu, Seoul. It will also be live-streamed on YouTube (Diaspora K).

Those wishing to participate can register online ( in advance and for further details, inquiries can be made via email (

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