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How to Receive Scholarships

General Scholarship

- Receive a general scholarship certificate and general scholarship at the next
year’s Youth Dream Presentation Festival.
- If the scholarship recipient does not attend the event, the scholarship recipient and
the chapter leader will contact each other, discuss, and deliver the scholarship.

Endowed Scholarships
- The scholar is a junior or senior high school student: Scholarship certificate
awarded at the following year's Youth Dream Presentation Festival. After the
scholarship recipient enters college, the scholarship will be paid on an annual
basis after submission of documents.
- If the scholar is a college student: Upon submission of documents to the
Scholarship Committee.
   – Documents to be submitted: Certificate of enrollment, transcripts
   – How to submit documents: Email the scholarship committee at
   – Deadline for submission: July 31
   – Payment Period: September

* If the scholar participates in the gala event, the scholarship certificate and scholarship
will be presented at the gala event.

※ Award Ceremony
At My Dream Gala 2023 – November 11, 2023, Houston, Texas, United
Once invited to the Gala, the MDIF provides for all travel expenses for students only.
These include a round trip airfare from the country the student lives in, one hotel room including
tax up to a maximum of 3 nights, all meals during the Gala.

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